The first two weeks, where the children attend part time, are an important time for us all. Settling in the children on a part time basis ensures that we give your child the best start in the foundation stage. We have the best opportunity to get to know your child on an individual basis and provide an opportunity for your child to build their confidence within their new setting without becoming overwhelmed with the new changes in their routine.

Getting to know your child individually then supports us to plan a curriculum that is built around your child’s interests and development. It also enables us to ensure your child has the best experience of their first year in school and to build solid foundations, motivating and igniting their passion for life long learning. 

We have had a really fun two weeks supporting the foundation children in exploring their new environment. We are really proud of the kind and thoughtful behaviour of every child and look forward to getting to know them even more, along with nurturing their learning and development over the coming year! 

Finding our feet