We welcome parents into the Foundation Stage as often as we can. The children enjoy sharing their experiences with their families and we enjoy sharing the learning that is taking place in our classroom too!

Stay and Play

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We value parents contributions to support us in building a full picture of their child’s learning. The following is information shared with parents on the Tapestry system we use as part of our assessment of children’s learning and development within the Foundation Stage. 

Tapestry Workshop - November 2017

Tapestry Feedback From Parents

Developing Early Language Workshop

Phonics Workshop  1
Phonics Workshop  2
Phonics Workshop  3
Phonics Workshop  4
Phonics Workshop  5
Phonics Workshop  6

We enjoyed welcoming parents to our Developing Early Language workshop this year. We completed a whistle stop tour of the activities we provide to support your child’s Literacy development. This included Phonological Awareness, Teaching Phonics, Communication and Language, Literacy and Chatta. 

Developing Early Language Workshop

Please browse the power point which was shared during the workshop alongside a taster of activities we use to support your child. 

Parent Feedback - Developing Early Language Workshop

Parents Maths Information Workshop

We invited parents to a workshop evening to experience the practical activities children join in daily when learning basic maths skills in the Foundation Stage. 

We shared with parents some videos of the children carrying out ‘Little Big Maths’ and games and activities they could complete at home with their child to support maths learning and development. 

We continue to value their support and had some great feedback from the session.

Maths Parents Information Workshop 1
Dough Disco – developing finger muscles
Maths Parents Information Workshop 2
Dough Disco – Introducing size language
Maths Parents Information Workshop 3
‘Roll it long and thin’
Maths Parents Information Workshop 4
‘Roll it high’
Maths Parents Information Workshop 6‘Laying eggs’ – Understanding number and amounts
Maths Parents Information Workshop 8
‘Lay two eggs – count them into your basket. 1, 2’
Maths Parents Information Workshop 9
‘Lay in under, on top, next to’ Positional language
Maths Parents Information Workshop 10Flashing balls – Number recognition

Parent Feedback - Maths