Online payments

You can make payments to school for dinner money, school trips, uniform and music fees via our online payment system – SIMS Agora.

You can see your current payment status on your SIMS Agora home page and you can contact the school office at any point to gain a print out of your child’s charges / payments.

If you require a new SIMS Agora login / password, please contact the school office.

The link below will take you to the SIMS Agora login page:

"Parents and carers value the strong sense of community you encourage within the school’s
very diverse cultural and social mix where everyone is treated with kindness and respect."

Ofsted 2018

"Pupils’ behaviour is often exemplary."

Ofsted 2018

"The school embodies its Christian vision through the way it welcomes and supports pupils of all backgrounds and abilities, thus helping them to flourish."

SIAMS 2019

"My child never wants to miss school."

Parent questionnaire - Autumn 2018

"My child has been made very welcome."

Parent questionnaire - Autumn 2018