Allotment Visit

Allotment visit photos

Dormice enjoyed visiting the school allotment yesterday. We talked about and matched pictures of the vegetables that are growing in the planters. We had a hunt to find the insect hotel and used our senses to smell and feel the herbs in the herb garden. 

Planting Daffodils - Marie Curie

Planting daffodil photos

The children enjoyed planting daffodils to support the Marie Curie Charity. We are looking forward to watching them bloom!

Dormice Enterprise Project

Enterprise project photos

The children in Dormice have been using their enterprise project money to make grass heads to sell at these Farmers market. We hope to raise some funds to plan and initiate lots more fun activities in our class.

Maritime Museum Visit

Maritime museum visit photos

The children enjoyed visiting the Maritime museum today. The met a lady who was there to collect her husbands wages. He was away at sea on a whaling ship. We explored the whaling industry and learnt about the oil and whale bones that were sold. We also enjoyed looking at the scrimshaw -the drawings on whale teeth that sailors used to create when they got stuck in the Arctic seas. 

Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath 4

Advent Wreath 3

Advent Wreath 2

Advent Wreath 1

This morning we welcomed Mrs Selby into our class. She helped us to create an Advent Wreath that the whole school will enjoy during the advent weeks ahead in December.

We will shortly be learning about the meaning of Christmas and what Advent represents.

Do you like the children's gardens?

Garden photos

They worked so hard.  We also planted potatoes and herbs.

Autumn Walk

Autumn walk photos

We enjoyed taking an Autumn Walk during to Beresford park. 

The children explored the world around them and used lots of descriptive language to explain what they could see, hear, smell and feel. 

Leaves were hidden down low, underneath, high up, on top and next to lots of natural materials. 

We also enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate to warm us up before returning to school after our exciting learning adventure. 

Allotment Visit

We enjoyed visiting the allotment. We enjoyed having new experiences and had fun doing lots of things. We emptied and filled flower beds, explored the area with a magnifying glass, planted seeds and watering the vegetables that have already grown. 

Making Apple Crumble

Making apple crumble photos

We enjoyed using the apples we collected from our allotment visit to make apple crumbles! 

We talked about the importance of good hygiene and how to stay safe when baking using a hot oven and sharp tools to cut the apples. 

We used our counting and measuring skills to weigh the ingredients and followed a step by step recipe to create the crumbles. 

We also made some extra apple and blackberry crumbles to sell to the rest of the school and raise some extra pennies for our foundation stage fund. 

It was lots of fun! 

Fun In The Woods

Fun in the woods photos

We had a wonderful time visiting the woods for our whole class trip. We kicked off our forest sessions with some exciting activities. We talked about staying safe and staying within the boundaries. 

We learnt about taking responsibility for our natural environment to keep it protected and safe. 

We met the forest protector who gave us each a ticket to the forest.

We matched colours of the forest to colour charts and made a forest floor picture. 

We worked as a team to create a shelter and enjoyed singing some songs around the campfire. 

It was such a great day! 

Spring Walk

Spring walk photos

We had great fun on our Spring walk! The children looked at the pictures of the Autumn walk and then compared them to what is happening in nature now. The children took photographs of buds, blossom, old crunchy leaves and new leaves, Daisy’s, daffodils and tulips. 

Once back in the classroom the children wrote about the walk,created Spring collages and painted flowers.