The children loved hunting for bug!

Hunting bugs photos



Dormice enjoyed a visit from the Firefighters. We had lost of questions about their job and enjoyed learning lots of new information.
Throughout the year we will be exploring the world around us in lots of ways. We will encourage children to talk about the world around them and begin to look at similarities and differences that they notice.

What Makes Me Special?

To help us get to know the children in their first full weeks at school we have been thinking about what makes us special. 

We have thought about how we look, how we grow, how to stay healthy and what makes us unique. 

Mrs Mensforth brought in her baby, which we helped bath during our focus of how we grow and how to keep healthy.

We had lots of fun bathing the baby which supported lots of language and discussion about our own bath time routines, and what made us special when we were babies. 

What makes me special photos

Africa Day

Today we had lots of fun celebrating Africa day. 

We enjoyed creating some African art, making some African bangles and making some African music using traditional drums.

Africa day photos

Visiting Newland St John Church

Photos from our visit to Newland St John church

During the Autumn term we enjoyed visiting the local church. we had the opportunity to explore the church inside and out and discussed many aspects of the Church of England religion. 

Children shared their understanding, asked questions to find out more and reflected on the information they were given. 

Next week we look forward to creating our own ‘stained glass windows’ and will think about what they can represent. 

China Day

We enjoyed learning lots of information about China on China Day. 

We we had fun using our creative skills to make some Chinese fans and Chinese dragons. We used our maths skills to count in Mandarin and paint some Chinese numbers. 

We also had fun making a Chinese dragon and performing a dragon dance to some traditional Chinese music. 

Photos from China day

Celebrating Advent

We enjoyed learning about Advent through taking part in lots of activities during our ‘Advent Week’. 

We had lots of fun visiting church and learning about what Advent means and why it is celebrating. 

We talked about the countdown to Christmas and how having trust in Jesus will help us be ready. 

We learnt a new song called ‘Super Saviour’ and the adults even had a fastest herder challenge, which Miss Standley won!

Celebrating advent photos