Within the Foundation Stage we have a balance of adult directed and child initiated activities. 

At this age children have a natural curiosity to ask questions about the world around them and wonder ‘why?’

We encourage this lots as adults as the ability to question will support the children to become independent in their learning and helps them to take ownership of striving to learn more.  

As as adults we play an important role in igniting children’s passion to learn and try to give them lots of exciting learning experiences which we ourselves are enthusiastic about. 

Although we continuously support the children in becoming more independent we have a number of strategies in place to support children in becoming life long learners and help them transfer and apply their developing skills and knowledge across all aspect of their education. 

Child Initiated Learning

During the child initiated part of our day, children have access to a broad selection of ongoing provision which is enhanced through links to our topic or theme of learning each week. 

Challenging children’s learning in each of these areas is developed through a range of strategies. 

The foundation stage team all have a nurturing and supportive approach to scaffold children’s learning in various ways. 

From modelling activities when introducing new experiences, guiding learning through deeper questioning to exploring the world around us through children’s interests, we are passionate about inspiring and motivating children to develop a lifelong love of learning. 

The 4Bs

The 4Bs is a more recent strategy which has been implemented throughout each year group within our Academy.

Children are encouraged to use the 4Bs when they become ‘stuck’ in their learning or a particular activity they are trying to complete.

BRAIN – the first B
Children are encouraged to use their brain and think about the task ahead or what they are aiming to achieve.

BOOK – the 2nd B
Children are encourage to look around their environment and consider any resources that may help them achieve their task. This may include a book, word walls, number lines, whiteboards, written instructions to name a few. The resources children may use will vary in complexity the older they grow.

BUDDY – the 3rd B
Children are next encouraged to ask their buddy if they become ‘stuck’ in their learning and the first two Bs have not yet helped.  This may mean children ask a buddy close to them, a buddy they feel more comfortable with or a buddy within their small group.

BOSS – the 4th B
The final B children are encouraged to ask the Boss. In our case children are encouraged to ask the adults around them for support. This is because all of the adults within the Foundation Stage are seen as the Boss, this is not limited to the Teacher only.