Autumn Term

Rose Blanche

A Description

‘Germans march with a sadness in their hearts. Children wave them good-bye with more joy, but what would follow would crush this happiness. The soldiers new uniform would turn into dirty old rags. As for the medics uniform, that would go all bloody. Carefully heads crept out of the windows to see the men off. Women of the town waved loved ones good-bye. The cheering could be heard all round the town”


Looking at the first picture, depicting a German town at the outbreak of war, we have written a description of the scene. Can you picture it? Could you use our descriptions to draw or paint the scene?

A Formal Letter

After reading about the incident with the boy and the Mayor, we have written a formal letter from Rose Blanche to the Mayor complaining about the way in which the boy is treated. What would you have written in your letter?

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Rose Blanche- An Adventure Story

‘…Large, dark-brown roots stuck out of the ground as if to try and trip me up. Long vines crawled down from the tall, old decaying trees. Faint beams shone through the hazel leaves that were falling on top of me. When I looked around, I saw barbed wire stretched across the landscape. My legs were stung by nettles and thorns stuck into me. Leaves crunched under my feet as I stepped onto the soft, fertile land. Frosty gales blew in to me, forcing me to zip up my thick, furry coat. A storm was brewing and I heard distant voices talking to me.

“I must carry on. But mother will be angry.” I whispered.I came to a clearing but what I saw shocked me more than anything’

Jack N

After studying the pictures of Rose Blanche’s journey, we have written our own narratives; looking in particular at at sentence openers and using commas to mark clauses and phrases.

How have the children made their setting evocative?

Which parts of the story create the greatest impact on you as a reader?

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A Note

Putting ourselves in the shoes of Rose Blanche, we have written a final note to her mother explaining why, for the last time, she returned to the concentration camp.

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Short Stories Inspired by World War II

We have written and illustrated our own stories based upon events in World War II. In our writing, we have tried to build up the atmosphere and create suspense though careful use of vocabulary, sentence structure and punctuation.

Which story do you like best?

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Spring Term

The Greeks

Using the Greek myths as inspiration, we have designed and created our own mythical beasts.Which one is your favourite?

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Persuading the Greek Assembly to Rebuild the Temples on the Acropolis

We have taken on the role of Pericles and written a speech that he would have made to the Greek Assembly to persuade them to use the money collected by the allies to rebuild the temples following their destruction during the war against the Persians. Would you vote for them to be rebuilt?

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Balanced Argument

We have gone on to debate both sides of the argument and have taken on the ‘voice’ of an independent observer commissioned to write an impartial leaflet looking at the pros and cons of rebuilding the temple.

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