A North East Coastal Town

Hull was one the most heavily bombed cities during World War II. Over 1,200 were killed, 3,000 injured and more than 150,000 were made homeless by German raids on the city. Referred to as ‘a north east coast town’ by the press, much of the rest of the country were unaware of the devastation caused. It is in this context that we are studying the Second World War.

We have begun by discussing the outbreak of war and how children must have felt as Chamberlain made his announcement on September 3rd 1939.

We have also used our maths skills to compare, order and calculate how many civilians and how many soldiers form different countries were killed during World War II.

The Blitz - Artwork

After studying the impact of the Blitz on our city, we have produced our own artwork in response.

Can you identify what materials we have used?

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Non-Chronological Reports

We have done our own research and have written non-chronological reports on World War II

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Make Do & Mend

In the spirit of ‘make do and mend’, we have designed and created our own artwork using ‘rags’ of material.

What do you think to our stitching?

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Watercolour Poppies for Remembrance Day